“A first-of-its-kind tool for companies to disseminate information
as well as understand student engagement,
interests and capabilities across the country”.


The KRACKiN initiative is a mobile-led engagement platform which brings Industry and Academia into a single distinct symbiotic ecosystem. Enables continuous and active engagement with student community.

For Student

Helps students improve their Industry-readiness, connect with companies, improve career prospects and offer better recruitment outcomes.

For Institute

Gateway to the Industry for the college. Helps collaborate with multiple top companies, skill up students on in-demand skills.

Industry Partners

IBM VMWARE TATA Technologies UIPath Digital Ocean Oxford University Press Adobe Autodesk Unity Microsoft The Open Universtity Certiport

What is the value for industry?

Technology Evangelization

  • Educate students about technology trends relevant to your Industry.
  • Evangelize domain expertise & product knowledge.
  • Create a skilled pool of Industry ready graduates.
  • Energize your company’s Academia Connect Program in India.

Early Student Engagement

  • Engage with students starting from their 1st year of graduate education.
  • Get insights & analytics on student demography & trends.
  • Ensure continuous mindshare & branding over 4 years.
  • Help mould their learning journey.

Engage and Recruit the best candidates from across the country.

  • KRACKiN is a unified platform to help companies
  • Identify talent based on overall personality.
  • Engage and nurture students through targeted learning initiatives, in college.
  • Recruit candidates with custom-built skills.
  • Engage recruited students in college to minimize attrition.

Create an Industry-ready talent pool

  • Evangelize and onboard Colleges (Student & Professors).
  • Structure and Execute a blended learning program.
  • Facilitate direct student interactions across multiple universities.
  • Track adoption and progress through management dashboards.
  • Measure success of University relation initiatives.