An Integrated End-To-End University Management System

About ACE

Improves the efficiency of the overall education system

  • Access & track all processes via a single system.
  • Improves the quality of education & science of learning.
  • Suggest improvements powered by analytics & AI.

Empowers all Stakeholders

  • Students
  • Professors
  • University Management

Top Features

An End-to-End Student Information System

Improve efficiency of university process

Real-time access to all important academic data for students & educators. Deep analytics to identify bottlenecks & improve predictions

Improves the quality of education

Integrated OBE solution for accreditations & program quality analysis Monitor program curriculum efficacy & outcomes Individual student analytics on learning capabilities for holistic development

Improves industry alignment

Empowers students with changing skill dynamics across multiple industries Enables students to upskill through a university system Facilitates a digital connect with corporates for recruitment & upskilling

Need For Student Information System

Timetable Management System

Fees Management System

Examination Management System

Attendance Management System

Accreditation Management System

Information Management System

Dashboards & Reports

Cohesive Content Delivery Management System